How to choose a perfume best for you?

We all love perfumes. We all love the fragrance that will give us and people around us a positive and loving vibe.  But how one should pick a perfume?

  1. Learn the language

Understand the overall type and style as you walk between the fragrance aisle,. You must learn and know about the notes (e.g. top, middle, and bottom). The top note is the strongest scent you’ll smell when you first spray a perfume, and it fades within 15 minutes, then it is time for the middle note. The middle note (a.k.a. heart note) is the body of the perfume that stays a few hours. When the middle fades out, you will reach the bottom note: those rich, heavy scents that linger until the end of the day.

Our tip- Do not overthink i: At the end, it’s not about the individual notes, it’s about how they all work together.

  1. Leave the perfume aisle

We don’t recommend spraying on a ton of options as you work your way down .

We would rather ask you to walk down the aisle  spray each one on a different tester stick and leave that place  or go outside. before you take your first whiff.  Outside environment will reset  your nose as it is surrounded by fresh air and you’ll have a better impression of how it will wear in day-to-day life.

Our Tip : Keep all tester sticks with you to keep track of your choices. You don’t have to try to remember which fragrance you sprayed on which body part.

  1. Try to live with it

This part is important as it is time for you to take final decision. So,  you can take those freshly sprayed sticks with you by putting them in separate pockets and go back to your daily routines of the  day. Unless a clear favorite emerges right away, wait a full day before making a choice.

Our Tip: If you are still unsure then head back to the perfume aisle again and spray the fragrance on your pulse points—the neck, the wrists, the inner elbows but don’t rub. Wait about half an our before taking a final, definitive sniff. During this time first note will  evaporate, but the rest of the notes will mix with your natural scent, giving you better idea of how it’ll live on your skin.

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