10 Must have Footwear for all fashionable Women

Montania, always promote fashion in a unique way to provide women best of choices. Fashion is a wholesome experience and we love to provide fashionitas in the arab fashion world an insight of fashion. Women love their shoes in the same way they love their  fashion.  In this article we will try to focus on the top ten types of footwear that every fashion loving woman must have in her possession. 

  1. Stilettos

Stilettos means ‘needle heels’ in French whichwill surely add elegance to fashion.  Stilettos offers glamour to women and it is the perfect pair to wear with evening gowns and slim fit jeans.  We will advise you not  to wear stilettos during pregnancy and for a couple of months after delivery.

  1. Spool Heels

Spoof heels  are broader at the top and narrow at the bottom and practical version of Stilettos. This type is easy for walk and surely don’t pose any problem One can find spool heels with  peep-toes and pumps. This type of shoes can go with almost all types of dresses including Abayas and casuals.

  1. Wedges

If you are looking for comfort for your feet while walking Wedges  should be your choice. Not only it offers comfort but also looks wonderful.  It offers more area for balancing at the time of walk. Perfect for summer and maxi dresses as well as jeans.

  1. Loafers

Another option for comfort is Loafers which offers versatility because you can wear it with  jeans, long skirts or even formal trousers.

  1. Kitten Heels

This type of  shoes have smaller heel lengths and do not put too much pressure on your foot. If you want to make style statement with your legs then Kitten Heels is perfect for you. 

  1. Mary Janes or Doll Shoes

Low-cut, closed, and strapped styling this is all about fashion. The strap of this shoe is usually located over the instep. They can have heels or can be modelled flat as well and it will go well with jeans and maxi dresses.

  1. Ballerinas

Comfortable, fashionable, and casual all these qualities packed in one.   Ballerinas can be paired with  dresses, jumpsuits, gowns, and even jeans.

  1. Brogues

The shoes get their name from the manufacturing method ‘broguing’ which creates perforated patterns on the material. You can pair them with dresses, shorts, and formal pants but always keep in mind the colour.

  1. Sandals

Sandals can come in different forms- it can be strappy, heeled, flip-flop type, or even sliders. Depending on the type of sandal you can pair them with jeans and Indian clothing.

  1. Sneakers

    Women who love sports and outdoor a pair of sneakers is a must have. Sneakers can be worn with track pants, shorts, and casual dresses

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