First chill of autumn is already in the air. It is time to celebrate deeply-held scent memories that evokes unconditional and uncomplicated love through a series of heartwarming fragrance collection from the house of Montania. It is time to celebrate those moments of purity that fill you with unconditional love for fragrances.Montania offers a wide range of fragrances in different segments including  a) Linen spray . b) Fragrances and c) Hair mist

It is time to surround yourself with the essence of freshness that gives you joy and pleasure.
Let’s start with linen spray. We are going to talk about some of them not all but we can of course talk about PRETTY LADY ( product code- 2089001 ).  You can surely feel the scent from this brand around as it creates a refreshing mood around your home.  Second one is SECRETS ( product code- 2089002 ), is inspirational and gives a glowing freshness to your home as you smell it. The class act of the perfumer makes your home a harmonious environment.
 Now it is time to take a look at the fragrances, We will first let you know about some of the brands of fragrances. Some of the fragrances we have are - LOVELY (product code – 2059002), ROSE (Product Code- 2059003), MIDNIGHT (Product Code- 2059004), and MEMORIES ( Product Code – 2059001 ).

All these are offering natural, welcoming warmth and exuberant aroma around you. These perfumes are special for all those who love to remain special.

Last part comprises of ‘Hair Mist’ and here also we have a wide range to offer for shoppers. You can buy them online or you can visit our stores to buy them. Our hair mist products will help you to restore your hair with sweet-smelling ones. What fragrances are doing to your skin, hair spray will do to your hair. The right amount of fragrance can refresh your hair without weighing your tresses down. So, we would request you to try ‘OUD NIGHT’ and DIAMOND’  for now then one by one all the others we have.
Time is perfect to explore our collection and time is now to be with fragrances of fall.


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