Flavors of Fall

In the month of September and October, the weather has chilled enough to bust out our brimmed summer fashions ideas and egos!  Yet we love to be out in the open to flaunt our styles and latest fashion. The fall season has the wonderful property of keeping your fashion idea fresh and warm.
Time to enjoy Montania’s new fashion collection – FLAVORS OF FALL  which presents you with a whole new charming and exclusive collection, This new collection an ensemble of colors, serenity, romanticism and freedom of womanhood.  This collection is all about expressing the season in a better way with different styles, patterns, cuts and appearances. t’s been a tradition for Montania to set the fashion trend for women living in Arab Countries. Monania knows women living in GCC countries have an excellent taste in fashion. Women love to explore new colours, new styles, quality dresses.  In this collection, you can pick from a range of maxi dresses, blouses, jackets.
Let’s describe and take you through some of our collections with vivid narration so that you can enjoy and feel this new collection -
We will start with Chiffon Blouse ( Product Code- 
2005035) You will surely look gracious and attractive with this elegant self-tie full-sleeve blouse that comes with lining and cripon with lurex stripes.  Embellished metal cuffs, make this dress more glamorous. 

Now you can shift your focus to another beautiful creation from us.  We are talking about the jacket that we have put up on display from this collection. Once you wear a beautifully smart prince line jacket you will feel stylish in a jiffy. Time is perfect to simplify your closet and life with this lace-detailed jacket that comes with a belt around its waist. .Crafted in an easy, no-fuss way, this jacket has pockets on two sides which make you look cool and smart. Good for outdoor, offices even at weekend parties with friends.
We have captured the mood of the collection really well during our outdoor photo and video shooting.  We have set up the canvas based on a beautiful storyline of a city escape in the enchanting vine fields. Place where the serenity of the fields and the romanticism of the city emerge into one. A place where you can cherish the peace and comfort of your own being, and a perfect moment where Montania designs can fully unwrap their true beauty of craftsmanship.
 If you want to know more you can always visit our site or any of our showrooms that spreads across the GCC countries.
To know more about this collection click here  https://montaniashop.com/collections/flavors-of-fall

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